Something In The Water, "The Heart of a Man" Documentary 

The area of Saginaw-Flint, Michigan has produced some of the most talented athletes in every sport. National Champion college basketball players, NBA MVP's, Track and Field Gold Medalists, National Champion football Players, Super Bowl Champions and Boxing World Champions were all born and raised in this small area. Per Capita the Saginaw and Flint area has consistently ranked in the top five in the United States in producing talent for both the NBA and NFL. That is astonishing considering the other places are major cities with much larger populations.

In "Something in the Water" we examine the factors that help produce some of the most memorable athletes of the past 40 years. Through an in depth interview process we hope to speak to as many of the standout athletes as possible both past and present. We will ask them about their backgrounds and how aware they were of the history of those that came before them. Here is a list of athletes past and present that we intend to include in the documentary:

  • Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Chris Byrd, Mateen Cleaves, Morris Peterson, and Charlie Bell (also known as the flintstones) Terry Furlow, Jeff Grayer, Cory Hightower, Darryl Johnson, Tamika Louis, Roy Marble, Deanna Nolan, Darvin Ham, Glen Rice, Eddie Robinson, Keith Smith, Barry Stevens,Stacey Thomas, Trent Tucker, Javale McGee, Drayond Green, Aaron T. Kenyon Martin,  James Reed, Jason Richardson, Anthony Roberson, Charles Rogers, Dan Severn, Sam Sword, Lamar Woodley, Serena Williams (born not raised).

Does the environment breed talent? Is there a mentality that arises from poor circumstances? Both the Saginaw and Flint areas have the highest rates of unemployment and poverty in the nation. How much does that factor into the drive these athletes have? We will also delve into the personal stories on how they were raised. Many of the most successful athletes come from single family homes as well. Does the drive to support not just themselves but their parents and in some cases siblings drive them to excellence? Are there cases in which players that are raised in two parent homes just as successful? and why does that happen. Through a documentary we hope to examine these questions in a full series beginning with the Saginaw-Flint area and expanding to other areas throughout the country that are similar.